Thanks to Rob Volk for hosting this month’s #tsql2sday topic which is about Data Analogies. Rob’s blog post is available here.

In the popular Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda, the hero Link must travel the land exploring and uncovering secrets and mysteries whilst doing battle with enemies and finally bringing light to the land. Is Link actually doing this or perhaps secretly building a Data Warehouse…?

Let’s look at the tasks Link actually does during the adventures of The Legend of Zelda. At the beginning of the adventure, the land is plunged into darkness and no-one is really sure what’s happening and everyone has questions. Rumours swirl around from individual to individual with hints that may or may not be correct, no-one is sure who will bring light to the land. Enter Link, the intrepid Data Warehouse deve…oh wait no, the Adventurer!

Link’s adventure starts with a vague pointer to someone who may know who else to talk to, so off Link trots to the far flung corners of the land talking to many people and making notes about these conversations. Sometimes these conversations may end up with getting an item that Link can use to further his progress, many of these items are keys which allow Link to access certain areas that were not accessible before.

Link must equip a series of tools to progress though the adventure with each tool providing a specific requirement to solve a particular challenge. Once Link has collected all the tools necessary to complete his adventure there is one final battle awaiting! A battle in which Link must use all the tools to finally defeat the darkness.

Finally the darkness has been defeated and replaced with the light! Bringing happiness to all throughout the land…until the next adventure when Link must do all the tasks again.