Learn more about the technology that Andy uses to build Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions.

Power BI

Data Modeling and Data Visualisation.
Connect to data sources, create business focused calculations and interactive data visualisations.

Azure Data Factory

Serverless data integration at scale allowing the ingest, transformation and loading of data from many sources.

Link to Learn page for Azure Analysis Services

Azure Analysis Services

Enterprise scale analytics service delivering business focused data models. Enables data visualisation tools to connect and consume metrics.

SQL Server

Microsoft’s flagship database system offering On-Premise and Cloud deployment. Delivers full stack Business Intelligence.

Azure Databricks

Big Data Processing Service using the Spark engine with support for SQL, Python, Scala and R for data transformation.

Link to Azure Logic Apps Learn page

Logic Apps

Serverless automation enables event driven architectures to deliver workflow driven business processes.

Link to Azure Machine Learning Service Learn page

Azure Machine Learning Service

Create, Tune, Productionise and Manage Machine Learning models in the cloud for real-time and batch predictions.

Azure DevOps

Bringing together Agile Team Management, Task Allocation, Source Control & CI/CD processes to fully realise Application Lifecycle Management.