Azure Analysis Services is a cloud-based platform service developed by Microsoft that allows organizations to create and manage online analytical processing (OLAP) tabular semantic data models. It enables users to create tabular models for business intelligence (BI) and data analysis.

Azure Analysis Services also includes a variety of data modeling and analysis tools, such as DAX (Data Analysis Expressions). These tools can be used to create calculations and measures, which can be used to gain insights from the data.

A powerful feature of Azure Analysis Services is its ability to create tabular models. Tabular models are a type of data model that allows users to create highly-compressed and in-memory data models, which can be used to improve query performance. Tabular models can also be used to create Power BI reports, which can be shared with others in the organization.

Azure Analysis Services also includes a variety of security and compliance features, such as Azure Active Directory integration and data encryption, making it an ideal tool for organizations that need to meet strict security and compliance requirements.