A much anticipated feature for Azure Synapse Analytics has been released, Power BI Administrators get new data export settings, and there are new learning opportunities across Data Factory and Databricks in this week’s data roundup.

Power BI

Synapse Analytics

  • Source Control Integration – A much anticipated feature is now available within Azure Synapse Analytics Studio, source control integration via Git. Currently supported providers are Azure DevOps and GitHub. Read more.

Data Factory


  • Data + AI Summit Europe – If you missed or would like to catch-up on the sessions from the Data + AI Summit Europe then there are 125+ sessions still available to view covering topics such as What’s New in Apache Spark 3.0, Adaptive Query Execution: Speeding Up Spark SQL at Runtime and Common Strategies for Improving Performance on Your Delta Lakehouse. Read more.
  • Free training Two-part series – Introduction to Lakehouse and SQL Analytics – With the recent public preview of the new Databricks SQL Analytics service, there are free training sessions available in December. Read more.

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